We carry out investigations and gather valid evidence in legal proceedings for crimes and breach of cybersecurity. We provide Computer Examination services, as well as an extensive range of investigative activities: from industrial counter-espionage to assessment of the company’s levels of security.
On completion of the investigation, we deliver an Investigation Dossier with details of the investigation enhanced by digital media (photos and videos and a full report), documentary evidence and any other useful, valid information to be presented before the court.

• Brand and patent protection, product counterfeiting
• Industrial counter-espionage
• Unfair competition
• Anti-sabotage
• Investigation of theft

• Investigations for credit authorisation and debt collection
• Asset and financial investigations in Italy and abroad

• Pre-employment investigations
• Employee absenteeism and second jobs
• Labour disputes
• Insider trading
• Shareholder disloyalty
• Company dishonesty – managers and collaborators

• Measures against cybercrime
• Industrial espionage and illegal theft of company data
• Environmental debugging of work areas, on telephone systems and mobile communications
• Computer and mobile phone debugging
• Anti-tapping and anti-tracking devices
• Consulting and technical cybersecurity checks
• Implementation of alarm and security systems